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  3. Karaoke Maneki Neko -Yotsuya-sanchome, Shinjuku-|カラオケまねきねこ


Karaoke Maneki Neko -Yotsuya-sanchome, Shinjuku-|カラオケまねきねこ


Store infomation



This is the first of the "Halal menu corresponding Karaoke shop" in Japan.

1. Get all the food in the store "Halal certification"

Ingredients and that everyone of Muslim doesn't use the components of the swine and alcohol derived from that are not food, seasoning that has passed through the component inspection, all dedicated such as kitchen cooking with, the food and drinks provided by the store Malaysia Halal Corporation's (MHC) "local Halal certification" of Corporation.

2. Achieve the karaoke menu of Japan in the "halal corresponding"! Also worship space in the store

Halal noodles, fried potatoes, fried noodles, fried from, such as such as "edamame".

Not enjoy quite a Halal seasoned of Japan, please enjoy not occur

mind.brown-bagging allowed!(Food and drink to bring OK!)

In addition to the store, there is also worship space that shows the orientation of Mecca.

3. as non-Halal menu ※, alcohol also available

As to the general customers "non-Halal menu", also offer alcoholic drinks.

※By MHC company management guidance, we offer separately kitchen, glass, a tray to


Class Details


3-1 Samon-eleven Bldg. #2F Samon-cho, Shinjuku, Tokyo

Class Fees:

every 30minutes charge

Mon-Thu Fri,Sat,Sun,day after a holiday

Members# DayTime 9a.m.-6p.m. 150 Yen 150 Yen

NightTime 6p.m.-6a.m. 300 Yen 350 Yen

#Admission Fee 200 Yen

Nonmembers DayTime 9a.m.-6p.m. 200 Yen 200 Yen

NightTime 6p.m.-6a.m. 350 Yen 400 Yen (all tax excluded.)

Food Menu:

Halal Ramen \550  Fried potato \480  Rice Noodles \580

Crispy and Juicy Fried \550   "edamame" \360 (all tax excluded.)

Reservations/inquiries: 03-5315-4266


Make your reservation for a time between the hours of 9:00-30:00.(tomorrow of 6am)


By train:

One minutes'walk from the Yotsuya-3chome Station on the Tokyo-Metro line (Exit #1).

Our Vision

First "halal menu corresponding karaoke shop" in Japan.

General customers, nor your Muslim,

please enjoy the Karaoke Honpo Maneki neko -Yotsuya-3chome

カラオケまねきねこのKaraoke Maneki Neko -Yotsuya-sanchome, Shinjuku-|カラオケまねきねこのキャンペーン・フェアの詳細